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Our Services

Bathymetry Survey

We conduct Hydrographic Bathymetry Surveys in line with International Hydrographic Organisation’s special publication no. 44 to obtain water depths. This is the basic requirement for all major survey worldwide and  major constructions and developments are carried out using this technique. We at ‘MGIPL’ hold utmost belief in simple and precise results with high quality output.

Bathymetry survey can be conducted for:

Ports and harbours, anchorages
Dams, Reservoirs – Sedimentation study
Inland waterways
Tidal power
Siltation, erosion, flood control etc.


Positioning Services

We offer positioning services using a range of DGPS systems along with total station and self recording backpacks.

Positioning services can be conducted for:

Vessel navigation and offshore surveys
Rig positioning, offshore vessels and barge positioning
Land surveys and GIS (Geographical Information System) applications surveys
Vessel management services
Navigation assistance and port management system
Break Water / Landfall
Vessel berthing and towing etc.
Salvage operations


Dredging Support

We conduct pre dredging, progressive and post dredging survey to support the client and determine the actual volume of area dredged.

Dredging support is used for:

Dredging operations for pre and post dredging survey
Quantity calculation of dredged volume and sediment
Feasibility study for maintenance of dredging pattern


Geophysical Survey

We conduct Geophysical survey and have considerable expertise in using variety of sensors to acquire and process geophysical data. Geophysical survey plays a key role in any developmental activities and is used for:

Sub seabed Geological Stratigraphy
Pipeline Inspection Surveys
Free span surveys
Pre engineering and Pre construction surveys for offshore installation/sites  
Pre engineering and pre construction surveys for sub marine pipe line routes
Post construction surveys, pre burial and post burial surveys
As built and cathodic protection surveys
Feasibility studies for development, expansion of ports, harbours, jetties, SPM, SBM, MPM and water intake and disposal site identification for refineries and thermal power plants


Geotechnical Survey

We offer third party geotechnical investigation support which involves drilling a borehole giving an insight into the underlying strata. Integrated study using geophysical and geotechnical investigation gives the best desired results. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to conduct geotechnical investigations both on land and offshore. A well approved laboratory helps in giving quality soil investigation reports to the complete satisfaction of client.

Geotechnical Investigation are used for:

Geotechnical Design: Shallow, deep foundation
Geological Design : Tunnel lay-out, fold, fault, strike, deep calculation
Soil Investigation : Onshore or offshore construction work
Micro piling, deep drilling, grouting
Rock anchors : Slope stability, foundation raft
Rain water harvesting
Laboratory test: Soil, rock and wate


Oceanographic Survey

We conduct tide and current observation studies which constitute towards oceanographic data required for:

Environmental assessment and monitoring
Port design and operation
Coastal protection and engineering
Shipping safety
Oil and gas terminals, etc.


Manpower Resources

We offer highly experienced and adept personnel to many clients domestic and international as Client reps who understand and ensure that the work undertaken by contracted vendor is done with quality and to clients satisfaction.

We do supply survey personnel who have vast range of experience for various roles such as Party Chief, Surveyor, Geophysicist, Engineer, Data Processor, Auto Cad guys etc; on major projects undertaken by various clients across the globe.  

With such experienced hands on our fleet, we do undertake turn key projects for consultants and bigger clients at very economical costs.


Marine Geomatics India Private Limited, works and communicate using its official email address with extension (AT)MARINEGEOMATICS(DOT)ORG, and its Official Gmail Account, MGIPL will not  be held responsible for any communications, deals, assurance, contracts, tenders etc made outside of these entities.


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